I'm Brian Knox, creator and writer of this here fine blog.


Many of you are probably wondering at this point: what's the point of this whole thing. Well, here's the main, basic scoop: I love beer... What? Too general? Okay, let's delve a bit deeper into the idea, then.

This blog is one man's journey in life as expressed through the universe's greatest bonding force: alcohol. Specifically, through beer. At first sight, it'll probably appear to be just a collection of reviews of the enormous variety of beer's one can find in this world, but therein lies the meat of the topic: variety.

For some, reflecting on life and growth is looking to the past and cataloging all of the major events. This is very much the same. From one beer to the next, I will grow. My tastes will change, and so too will my personality. The very same diversity one can find in stouts and IPAs can too be found in a person, and in a way, this is more than just a study of beer. It's a study of nature itself.

Oh, and dick jokes. Those too.

Hope you enjoy. Prost!

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