Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On My Reviewing Style

Before I begin to post all of my wonderful beer reviews, I feel it's important to establish my style and system for... er, rating beers.

Like any other high-end drink, you can break beer down to its basic components: appearance, smell, taste, and mouthfeel. Naturally, this system is basically the same as the excellent beer websites Beer Advocate and Rate Beer, but there will be a few personal twists that I'll throw into mix. Presentation is one (where I talk about the bottle design and other such nonsense), and like any good reviewer, there'll be that nice wrap-up called "Finale" in which I go off some tangent about good food pairings and that sort of thing.

I haven't really settled on a scale yet, but letter grades are an easy go-to for me, so that seems to be the likely candidate.

Please take note that I'm going to do my best to judge strictly by style... that is to say, if I were to give an adjunct lager (seriously, I'm going to pick on these things) an "A" rating, that would not mean that it's the end-all, be-all of brew. It would just mean that it is one of the top-tier beers of that style. This is because I like to avoid sticking my nose towards certain beers. Like adjunct lagers.

Because really, guys... they suck.

Oh Stag, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry.

Hope that you enjoy the reviews as I being to lay them down. Cheers!

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