Thursday, December 6, 2012

TNBR: Green Flash Brewing Co. Hop Head Red Ale

So here we are, everyone! As the first beer review I'm blogging, I have to say, I'm quite excited by this. For starters, I get to drink a beer and blab on about. On top of that, I'm starting to hope a new tradition - the Thursday Night Beer Review (tm?).

Without further ado, let's get to it, shall we? Today's secrete ingredient is:


This is my first time ever picking a beer made my the fellows over at Green Flash Brewing Company, but after hearing so many good things about their brews, I'm not sweating it one bit. On the contrary: this dude's pretty pumped to try a new brewery... like always. Seriously, who doesn't like that experience?

Here, have a picture:

Now in crappy Cameraphone!

Hop Head Red Ale is described as a "Red IPA," which is not a phrase that pops up all of that often. I think it's a sort of covert title for a hoppy amber ale. You know, like how James Bond is secret agent 007. Much like Bond uses his title as an excuse to spread his seed around the globe, one STD at a time, this beer uses it's style as an excuse to spread its deliciousness across the tongue, one IBU at a time.

On second thought, scratch that metaphor. Is it creepy? Yeah, I think I just compared this beer to Bond semen... I don't know if that makes it suave and awesome or- Never mind, my bad.

The beer clocks in at a nifty 7.0% ABV

So, here's the breakdown on the brew:


Well, the first thing I notice is that this is just what it says on the tin. The color’s a dark, ruby shade with a nice, finger-thick tan head that disappears after a short while. Very hazy in the body... Like, Hazy Maze Cave levels, here. It’s not the world’s most attractive beer, but it’s passable. As with any good brew, decent lacing is left behind.

Like all Green Flash beers I've stumbled across, the label is straightforward and very much blends in with the rest of your line... Only it's color-coded for your convenience (though beware, ye Dog who can't decide which bottle you're picking up). While the coastal drawing is pleasant enough, everything about it is standard.


Hints of grapefruit with a strong hop character. Undertone is sweeter than your typcial "IPA" which is undoubtedly due to the fact that it's a hybrid red ale. Combination of caramel and bread combine with the hoppy, fruity scents to make, in the words of Bill S. Preston Esquire, a most excellent scent. As a matter of fact, it'd probably make a damn fine candle if some company decided to put themselves to the task.

You know what. I call that idea. It's mine. Back off, National Candle Association!

You dirty, thieving bastards!

Oh wow, that caramel sweetness is immediately noticeable. Not what I was expecting, but I’m not complaining. Flavor fades into the real meat of the drink: a good, citrusy underbody. Seriously, the grapefruit is STRONG here, and I’m loving it. Light, easy body with a softer carbonation. Good, clean finish that doesn’t leave a strong trace of bitterness behind. I’m really digging this all around. Really nice balance for an IPA.

I really enjoyed drinking this. It screams “west coast” in every way I’d expect an IPA to while adding another layer that makes it a much more nuanced, easy-drinking beer. If you’re a cheese person (AKA: if you're a goddamned human being), get some gorgonzola and slap it in a recipe. Maybe a burger or something. One of these days I’m actually going to try and attempt this stuff. If you can find this, definitely purchase a 4-pack. It won’t disappoint.



Welp, there its, folks! This about wraps up my first edition of the Thursday Night Beer Review (working on that [tm] if it isn't done already, because something on blogger is totes worth investing in). I think I may dedicate another day per week to this sort of thing... Sundays, probably.

Feel free to leave comments and thoughts. This behavior is encouraged. Given that I'm on the internet, I acknowledge that the prior two sentences is essentially the equivalent to advocating a game of Russian Roulette.


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  1. A cold Hop Head Red and a hot juicy mozerella burger, **slurp** !!! Now that's what I call an azz-kick'n review, mate! Keep up the good hard work.